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We think that the existing software tools for system engineers got stuck in the 80s.

It makes engineers' work less productive and fun. Inconsistent tools and numerous manual steps in a workflow contribute to security holes. Not to mention that they struggle to troubleshoot from mobile devices on the go. 
As former engineers, we strive to disrupt that at Termius and reinvent the existing approach to manage computer systems. Termius has just graduated from Y Combinator and closed a seed round with the best Silicon Valley investors on board.

Currently, we have over 70,000 engineers using our product every day. 
There are over 20M engineers in the world whom we can make 10x productive. Our users stare at their screens 8 hours a day, and the 
product has to be visually pleasing and look natively across many 
platforms we support.

Termius arms teams of sysadmins and DevOps with a powerful command-line tool for managing diverse computer systems from anywhere productively and securely. It organizes infrastructure knowledge and helps to troubleshoot incidents to reduce costly downtime quickly.

We need dedicated people to help us make Termius the primary work instrument for tens of millions of engineers in their daily routine. Now we are looking for a Frontend Engineer who would complement our core team in the development of the cross-platform desktop application based on Electron framework.

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To apply for this vacancy please email Tatiana Anichkina