SSH client and terminal how it should be in 2022

Connect with one click from any mobile and desktop device. No re-entering IP addresses, ports, and passwords.

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“I think at the end of the day, we’re saving at least half an hour a day with Termius. We don’t have to look for information anymore. We just got to Termius, log in, and we just click on a host to connect. I don’t even have to type a password, I just click and jump on a server in seconds. Termius helped us to improve productivity.”

Norman Pleitez

Director of Website Development & Design at Ferocious Media

“You wouldn’t believe how long it actually takes to organize servers in a list, whereas adding them to Termius takes seconds! Termius has saved me literal days because there’s no reason for me to go in on a Google Sheet and manually update passwords, IP addresses, and so on.”

Liam Temple

Company Director at Iceline Hosting

Join over 22,000 professionals who save more than 6 hours and 19 minutes on connections every month

Get instant access to your whole infrastructure

Stop wasting time by searching and re-entering IP addresses, ports, usernames, and passwords. Instead, connect to your remote devices with only one click.

Save your hosts to connect in one click

Set connection information, credentials, and even terminal appearance to a Host to connect with the same one-click experience across all the platforms.

Secure your data with a Cloud Vault

Keep your data safe in an encrypted vault that is only accessible from your devices.

Create multiple shared vaults to securely share connections with your team.

AI-powered autocomplete

Simply type your command description, and our autocomplete will transform it into a bash command. Effortless, efficient, and ready to boost your terminal experience!

Share your terminal sessions

Join your teammates in a terminal session to troubleshoot together or teach new terminal tricks.

No server-side installation is required!

Automate routine tasks

Save your frequently used shell scripts as Snippets. Run them on multiple targets or instantly get them autocompleted right in the terminal.

Share your Snippets with your team to boost its productivity and reduce the number of mistypes.

Access your infrastructure anytime, anywhere

Available for all devices and operating systems. Termius seamlessly syncs your data between devices, so you and your team can troubleshoot on the go and respond super fast.

Start saving time with Termius today