Provide secure access with lightweight SSH tunnels

February 22, 2024

In some cases, a VPN tunnel is a heavy solution to a simple problem of accessing infrastructure behind a firewall. For example, you need to give developer access to a production database so engineers can work with it in real time. Port forwarding can provide a tunnel that would stream any TCP traffic, including SQL, to the developer machine’s local port.

The challenge is that setting up port forwarding rules can be tricky, and doing it every day manually is not productive. Not all developers know about port forwarding or want to set it up by themselves. Some people might spend a significant amount of time memorizing all the flags. This challenge becomes more difficult if you consider updating IP addresses or credentials for an entire team.

Termius enables DevOps engineers to create and share port forwarding rules so they are easy to use by anyone,  even if they don’t understand how to construct them. You can also save credentials in the encrypted vault so the connection process does not require  user input.

This is how you can provide easy access to the infrastructure across your team using port forwarding and shared vaults. Termius comes with a step-by-step wizard that helps you choose the right type of port forwarding and guides you through filling in the right parameters.

port forwarding wizard for easy rules creation

You can also save credentials in the secure vault so engineers do not have to copy them from a password manager. All the data in the vault is encrypted, like in a password manager.

All the data will be shared with the team automatically so end userswill be able to start port forwarding with just one click.

You don’t have to install any additional infrastructure and still have the ease of use and security of access. SSH Port Forwarding is universal, and you can use this solution to organize secure access to any infrastructure behind the firewall for any TCP traffic.

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