Termius for Teams — Introducing Group Sharing 2.0

January 29, 2021

We’re proud to announce that we’ve launched Group Sharing 2.0 for Termius for Teams. We believe that this long-awaited update comes packed with outstanding features enabling you and your team to enhance productivity, efficiency, security even more.

The challenge

The first version of Group Sharing focused on deepening collaboration within the team. It allowed teammates to share non-sensitive information like hostname, proxy, jump host, port, or theme. We purposely minimized the scope of the initial version to non-sensitive data sharing. You may be wondering why.

By talking to our users, we found out that the most common security issue within operation teams was the unreasonable and reckless sharing of keys and passwords among team members. We all have been guilty of the get-it-done-now approach. Bad habits, rush, or immediate response to unplanned downtime — it all can cause it. We wanted to help our clients to avoid compromising security. So, this is why we have decided to exclude sensitive data from sharing. Additionally, we use fully encrypted data storage even beyond the access of our employees. Only users have access to all their information.

We’ve listened to our users and treated their feedback as gold. So, it became our goal to enlarge sharing possibilities by increasing app usability, boosting team productivity with data protection accompanying. The challenge was to simultaneously answer both of the needs: maintenance of high-standard security and team cooperation enhancement.

Over the last year, we have been working on finding the solution to this challenge. And it seems like we have solved the infamous Cookie dilemma. With Termius, you can effortlessly share data, so team onboarding, information sharing becomes fast and easy, and keep it all secure at the same time!

Productivity Booster

We believe that to provide suitable and secure information exchange is to care for your team. In the end, it’s all about efficient cooperation. For the last year, we have been focusing on finding new ways to enrich application usability to enhance collaboration and general productivity.

The latest update delivers features supporting the increase in both individual and group productivity. So, what’s new in Termius?

The New Role of Editor

Our research revealed that most of the operational teams work very closely and have a very high trust level among their members. We’ve found out that responsibility-sharing is not only a possible scenario but could become a frequent and convenient practice.

The new version of Termius comes with a brand new team role of an editor. A team owner can delegate part of responsibilities and divide permissions within the team.

New Editor Role in Termius for Teams

Editors can add, edit, and delete hosts inside shared groups. Appointed team members with the editor role can perform these actions themselves without engaging team owners in the process. Introducing this option proved to enhance both individual members’ commitment and team collaboration, and, of course, saves a lot of time!

Saving Credentials to Shared Hosts

From now on, team-members can save, change, and manage their credentials to shared hosts and groups.

Saving Credentials to Shared Hosts in Termius for Teams

This feature helps avoid the repetitive action of entering manually or choosing a proper credential from the list. Naturally, it fastens the whole process. Furthermore, all the credentials are securely synchronized between users’ devices, available on the go, anytime and anywhere.

Learn more about Termius for Teams here.

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