Meet Vaults. The new Sharing

June 21, 2023

Did you find Group and Snippet sharing useful?

We have taken it even further! Meet Vaults!

A vault is a secure way to sync and share data about your infrastructure. From now on, there will be no shared entities in Termius. There will only be your personal vault or the team vault shared with your team members.

In other words, If you had shared Hosts or Snippets, then they will be in the Team Vault.

Today, Vaults are only supported by the Desktop app and can store the following data:

It is also possible to move data between vaults. Hence, you should be looking for actions like Move To Vault instead of Share or Unshare.

This is just a first step. The next steps are to release support of Vaults on mobile and add the ability to have multiple team vaults, which will allow the setup of granular access.

Let us know what you think about this change or how we could make it work better for your team.

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