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November 2, 2020

One of the main benefits of Termius SSH has always been its ability to seamlessly synchronize data across device types. Termius SSH enables end-to-end encryption of all data on the client-side so no one, apart from the end-user, can read or access it.

End-to-End Encryption Just Got Stronger

End-to-end encryption was a part of the sync from day one. The first version was released about eight years ago with crypto algorithms that were designed at the same time. Many things in the crypto space have changed but introducing new crypto schemas into Termius was not so straightforward. Once data was encrypted with a new algorithm on one device, it could not be decrypted by older versions. The challenge was to orchestrate the transition of all user devices, at the same time, to a new schema to avoid major user workflow disruptions. A disruption might happen if some user devices were not updated to a recent version. Ensuring an easy process for the end-user is one of our team’s core values. We believe that security is critical, and there is always a way to have it with minimal impact on productivity.

In this particular case, the timing for the transition is crucial. A user should be able to postpone the transition if they are in the middle of an urgent task. Essentially, a user is presented with a persistent reminder to update all devices and transition to the new crypto, without being forced to do so.

Because it isn’t a good idea to create your own algorithms or your own implementation of those algorithms in the crypto space. Therefore, we followed the advice of known experts in this space.

“But if you’re a developer and not a cryptography engineer, you shouldn’t do any of that. You should keep things simple and conventional and easy to analyze; “boring”, as the Google TLS people would say.”

Termius uses libsodium and Botan for all the crypto-related operations. More details about the implementation can be found in the official documentation.

Timing Your Update

Making the transition to new crypto is very simple. A notification will appear on the bell icon in your left menu dashboard. Just follow the instructions provided. Remember, you won’t be able to access your data from old versions of Termius on other devices once you’ve performed the update.

We believe security is critical to protect your data and strive to provide the best available technologies with minimal impact to your productivity. Should you have any issues or questions, please contact us at

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