Snippets Sharing is on!

July 31, 2021

Tired of typing the same long commands over and over again? Would you like to avoid preventable mistakes on production servers? Or maybe you simply hate redoing research for some command. No one likes repetitive work. No one remembers all the commands by heart. This is why we equipped Termius with Snippets — a feature that allows DevOps and network engineers to save their commands for later and fast execute them when needed.

Snippet Example

The Concept of Snippet

The snippet is a block of code, command, or set of commands kept for future use. In Termius, you can easily create and save your commands and use them at any time and on any device on hand. Snippets can be executed with a click or a tap both on desktop and mobile. You can even mass execute a snippet and run it on multiple hosts at one time.

Engineers often struggle with tedious repetition, routine work, and recurring but avoidable mistakes. We introduced Snippets precisely to solve those issues and ease the daily work of Termius users. Snippets proved to help with productivity enhancement, reducing downtime, and speeding up the response time.

How about some teamwork?

Why depend only on yourself if you could have a team to back you up? Termius for Teams is designed with teamwork in mind allowing DevOps and network engineers to co-create and share infrastructure data to increase efficiency, share best practices and solve incidents faster.

So far, Termius has supported group and host sharing. However, the newest versions of Termius for Teams came packed with a long-awaited option — Snippets Sharing. From now on, team owners and editors can share their Snippet or multiple Snippets with the whole team with just a click or a tap.

Sharing Snippets with Team

Read more about Snippets creation, editing, and sharing in Termius here.

Learn more about Termius for Teams here.

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