Auto reconnect to your hosts

August 31, 2023

When working with a remote connection in a terminal, one of the most frustrating experiences is losing connection and having to reconnect manually. Everyone who uses the terminal daily experiences the pain of unexpected SSH connection drops after enabling VPN or switching between networks. It hurts your productivity even more when you use tens of tabs simultaneously. Instead of getting things done, you need to spend time on manual reconnection.

We are excited to announce auto-reconnection in Termius. With auto-reconnect, you no longer have to worry about being disconnected from your SSH session due to an unexpected network failure or enabling VPN. Termius ensures that you’ll be automatically reconnected to your session if the connection is lost, so you can get back to work without any interruption. All previous progress would be available in the same terminal tab without a need to restore history.

Save your time and effort when working with SSH connections in Termius.

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